Name of the Speaker
Dr. Milind Rajadhyaksha
Northeastern University,
Boston and Sloan -Kettering
Memorial Cancer Center,
New York USA
Confocal Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis and Role of ICT in the future of medicine
Dr. Anil Roy
Trends in Optical Communications
Prof. Ashok Rao
IISC, Bangalore
Social Computing; An Indian Perspective
Dr. Niko Besnier
Consumption and Cosmopolitanism: Crafting Selves at the Nuku'alofa Flea Market (Tonga)
Prof. K. Gopinath
IISc, Bangalore
Performance Verification of 802.11 Wireless Protocol
Mr. Sunil Parekh Getting Ready for the 21st Century
Prof. Ashok Misra
Director, IIT, Bombay
Engineering the Future
Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan
Director, NCBS, Bangalore
Making a complex brain and using a simple one
Prof. Chander Shekhar
CEERI, Pilani
From Curiosity to Profits: The story of Computing
Dr. Madhu Mehta
Anjaleem, Baroda
Knowledge based wealth generation in IT and BT - Next major step forIndia
Prof. Dipankar Nagchoudhur
iIIT, Delhi
Symbiosis and other relationships between VLSI chips, Computers and Education
Prof. A. Chockalingam
IISC, Bangalore
Interference Cancellation Techniques in CDMA
Dr. S. Chandrasekhar
Reliance Infocomm Limited, Mumbai
Organization Behaviour
Dr. Kaustubh Phanse
Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
Policy-Enabled QoS Management in Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. M.K. Rao
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Some Recent Work in Optical Fibre Communication
Prof. Deepak Phatak Indian ICT Professionals for 21st Century
Dr. A.K. Runchal
Bel Air, California(USA)
Emergence of Virtual Reality as a Universal Design and Management Tool
Dr. Akash Nanavati Coordination Mechanisms
Dr. Sandeep Sibal Mobile Technologies of Tomorrow
Dr. Neeran Karnik
IBM India Research Lab, New Delhi
Grid Computing -- a service-oriented perspective
Dr. Anand Deshpande
Persistent Systems P. Ltd., Pune
Data Warehousing Concepts and Optimizations
Mr. Naresh Verma
Virginia Tech University, USA
Prediction Mechanism in Adhoc Wireless Networks
Dr. Mukesh Patel
Applitech Solutions Ltd.,Ahmedabad
Trends and Developments in IT Indian Scenario in 2005
Dr. Ashish Jadav
Tata Infotech Ltd.,Mumbai
An Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure
Prof. S.C. Sahasrabudhe
CTO, Global Telesystems, Mumbai
Telecommunications - A Story
Mr. Ajay Phatak
Jopasana Limited, Pune
Prof. V.L. Swaminathan
Principles of Remote Sensing and Its Use in GIS Applications
Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala,
IIT, Madras
Technology Development for India and Rural Connectivity
Prof. Juzer Vasi
IIT, Bombay
Recent Advances in Microelectronics
Prof. Venu Veeravalli
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Multi-access in Cellular Systems with Multiple Antennas
Prof. R.K. Shevgaonkar
IIT, Mumbai
Fiber Optic Systems for Terra Bit Transmission
Prof. Niraj Kumar Jha
Princeton University, USA
Low Power Distributed Embedded Systems: Dynamic Voltage Scaling and Synthesis
Prof. M. Sasikumar
NCST, New Mumbai
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
Prov. Vishwanath Sinha,
IIT Kanpur
Mobile Satellite Communications
Prof. Suresh Kalyansundaram
Motorola, USA
Cellular Industry Landscape
Padmashree Mahashweta Devi My Life and My Work
Prof. K.S. Venkatesh
IIT, Kanpur
Human Vision and Display Technology
Dr. Shridhar Shukla
Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune
The Role of Identity Management in Emerging Communication Applications
Mr. Rohit Sinha
IIT, Kanpur
Speaker Normalization in Automatic Speech Recognition
Dr. Samar Basu
Third General Wireless Standardization
Dr. S.M. Shanbhag
Group Medical Officer, RIL, Mumbai
ICT Application in Telemedicine and IT Application in Healthcare
Prof. Chhanda Samanta
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata
Exotica in Terra Incognita
Prof. S. Raj Chaudhary
Norfolk State University, Virginia, USA
Using ICT to drive innovation in undergraduate science education
Prof. Srihari Murthy Computer Aided Drug Design
Dr. Alpan Raval,
Keck Graduate Institute of
Applied Life Sciences, and Claremont Graduate University,
Claremont California ,USA
Bayesian Network Models for Automated Protein Fold Recognition
Shri K.V. Subramaniam
Senior Executive Vice PresidentReliance Industries LimitedMumbai
Technology in the Changing World
Dr. A.K. Seth
Chief Technology OfficerReliance Infocom LimitedMumbai
Overview of Infocomm
Prof. Arvind P. Kudchadker
Director,DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
Shri B. Srinivasan
Reliance Industries Limited,Mumbai
Prof. Uday Desai,
IIT, BombayPowai, Mumbai
Wireless Communication:Past, Present, Future
Prof. Dinesh Sharma
IIT, BombayPowai, Mumbai
Embedded Systems
Prof. S.P. Mudur
National Center for Software Technology (NCST), Mumbai
Computer Graphics
Prof. Y.N. Singh
IIT, Kanpur,
Introduction to all Optical Packet Switching
Prof. N. Srinivasan
Shri Venkateshwara
College of Engineering,
Sriperumbadur, Tamil Nadu
Introduction to Image Processing
Prof. Anjan Ghosh
IIT, Kanpur
Fiber Optic Communication
Prof. D.O. Shah
University of FloridaGainsville, USA
Interfacial & Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Sumit Roy
University of Washington,Seattle (USA)
Wireless Communication
Mr. Vijay Prakash
Executive President,Association for Promotion of Creative Learning, Patna
Improving Your Learning Skills
Prof. V.P. Sinha
Visiting Professor - IIT Bombay,
Fourier and Us
Mr. Suresh Lulla,
Chief Executive,Qimpro Standards Organization, Mumbai
Road to Total Quality
Dr. Asim Banerjee
Lead Technical Specialist,Tata Info-tech, Mumbai
Principles of Measurements
Prof. S.S.S.P. Rao
IIT, Bombay
Development of Electronics
Prof. Anamitra Makur
IISC Banglore,
Application of Digital Signal Processing
Prof. John McKinnon
Victoria University, New Zealand
Computer Program and Community Development