Guidelines to students to return to campus

Dhirubhai Ambani
Institute of Information and Communication Technology

The Institute may permit the following groups of students to return to the campus and reside in hostel

  • Doctoral Scholars requiring lab support for their thesis work and/or working in sponsored projects.
  • M. Tech students preparing their thesis.
  • Students residing in hired accommodation in and around Gandhinagar.
  • NRI students stranded outside the campus.
  • M. Des students for design project guidance.
  • B. Tech fourth year students who have chosen to do BTP under the guidance of faculty.
  • First Year, 2020 batch of B.Tech students who may not have adequate web connectivity and computing facilities to attend the online classes.
  • Research staff/JRF/SRF working in sponsored projects, particularly, those projects having a deadline to complete, on recommendation of PI.

(Research staff/JRF/SRF can exercise the option of either taking a room in the hostel following protocol prescribed below or seek permission to enter campus for work not exceeding 10(ten) days.)

The students listed (b) to (g) above are choosing to return and reside on campus are voluntarily doing so and the Institute or its officials shall not be responsible or liable for any consequences that may occur, in the present pandemic context, due to the voluntary decision of the students and their parents. Consent in this regard from the parent of the student in the prescribed format (attached) should be submitted.

The procedures/conditions and guidelines to be followed by the Students are as follows:

  1. An eligible student desirous of returning to the campus and reside in hostel should apply to the Hostel Supervisor over e-mail (hostel_supervisor@daiict.ac.in) marking a copy to Assistant Administrative Officer (kirit_pandya@daiict.ac.in) stating the reason(s) for returning to campus.
  2. The number of students allowed to return to campus will not exceed 60 (sixty). This is in addition to the students who are already staying on the campus.
  3. A Committee consisting of Dean (Students), Senior Hostel Supervisor or in his absence, Hostel Supervisor and Assistant Administrative Officer shall process the applications. The number of students to be granted permission under each of the group will be decided by the Committee. The Senior Hostel Supervisor or in his absence, Hostel Supervisor will communicate the decision to the applicant.
  4. The permitted student, on arrival, should report to the Senior Hostel Supervisor/Hostel Supervisor and submit the following documents:

(a) Medical certificate issued by the Government Authorized Hospital/Health Centre within 3 days prior to her/his travel stating that she/he is Covid Negative.

(b) The prescribed consent form duly filled in and signed by the parent.

(c) Travel details such as place of origin of travel, mode of travel and protocol followed during the travel period. She/he will have to take possession of hostel accommodation and pay the hostel rent as per rules on pro-rata basis.

  1. At the Security Gate of the Institute, she/he will go through the thermal scanner and sanitation for her/him and the luggage(s).
  2. On allotment of hostel room, the student will undergo quarantine in the room allotted to her/him in the hostel for a period of 5 days and she/he is permitted to visit a designated zone in the food court for their dining thrice a day. During quarantine, students should avoid meeting each other in the hostel and outside.
  3. The student will not be permitted to move out of campus. However, in case of medical emergency, the student will be permitted to go to hospital with the prior information of Senior Hostel Supervisor/Hostel Supervisor or in their absence Assistant Administrative Officer.
  4. The student should wear face mask when she/he is out of his/her hostel room.
  5. The student should bring thermometer, masks, hand gloves and sanitizers in adequate numbers. One of the food courts is assigned to procure them on behalf of the students on payment basis. The details will be provided by the Senior Hostel Supervisor.
  6. The students should ensure sanitizing their hands before entering facilities such as Laboratories, Resource Centre, Class Rooms, Offices, and Food Courts. As far as possible, the meetings with the faculty advisors and staff should be held in online/virtual mode.
  7. The students should maintain 6 feet distance while sitting inside the hostel premises, Food Courts, Resource Centre, Class Rooms and Laboratories.
  8. The students should take food from campus food courts only. They are not allowed to order food from outside.
  9. To dispose of facemasks and hand gloves, use the closed dustbins kept on the campus.
  10. The student gatherings/group activities on campus are strictly prohibited.
  11. The students are advised to consult their Doctors before they depart for the Institute and on the Doctor’s advice stock basic medicines for fever, cold, cough etc., and vitamin supplements required to strengthen immunity.
  12. Strict compliance to the guidelines is mandatory. Any violation will lead to disciplinary action.


Date: 1st February, 2021 Executive Registrar





The Senior Hostel Supervisor

Dhirubhai Ambani

Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Gandhinagar – 382 007


Dear Sir,

I, _____________________________Parent of __________________________, student of DA-IICT, bearing Student ID No._________________hereby grant my consent for my ward to move to DA-IICT campusand reside in the hostel from_____________to__________________ to participate in research, learning and internship.

I am fully aware of the Covid-19 pandemic situation and shall ensure that my ward follows the protocols on Covid-19 during his/her stay on campus. Further, I shall not hold DA-IICT or its officials responsible for any consequence that may happen and affect my ward due to the pandemic during his stay on campus and thereafter.

Name of the parent(s):____________________________________________________________



Mobile No._______________________________________________________________________



For office use only:

Verified and approved____________________________________________________________



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