Ranendu Ghosh

PhD (Soil Science), Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi


Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS technology


  • Soil fertility evaluation for fertilizer recommendation using Hyperion data.
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    Total citations: 1
  • Spatio- temporal coupling of land surface and energy balance parameters with monsoon rainfall using remote sensing technology.
    Publication date: 2014/1/17
    Journal: International journal of remote sensing
    Volume: 35, Issue 2, Pages 532-553
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
    Total citations: 3
  • Atmospheric and angular effects on NDVI temporal profiles derived from ADEOS-POLDER data over India
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    Total citations: 5
  • Remote sensing data acquisition, platform and sensor requirement
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    Total citations: 8
  • Linear polarization measurements in wheat canopy
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    Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
    Total citations: 36


  • Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • System approach to Sustainable Development
  • Environmental studies