5 Days Online Free Training Program in Collaboration with SAC, ISRO

09/08/2021 - 13/08/2021

Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) for Earth Observations (EO) Applications

DA-IICT is inviting registration from interested candidates for a free online course “Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) Earth Observations (EO) Applications". Over the last decade, ML & DL as a sub field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved as the most powerful technique for analyzing all types of data e.g. healthcare, language, speech, business etc.

With the availability of several hundreds of satellites in low earth orbit, a huge amounts of data are being collected every day over the earth surface. There is an urgent need to analyze these data for quick and meaningful conclusions for natural resources management.

This course aims to provide an insight into the opportunities of ML and DL for analyzing the EO data. The short course can be completed in five days, and participants will also receive certificate.

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