M.Sc. (Agriculture Analytics)

 MSc_AA_March 2022The M.Sc. (Agriculture Analytics) is Jointly offered by DA-IICT, Anand Agriculture University and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS, Dehradun) with active participation of Industries by offering value added courses. It is a two-year (Four semesters) postgraduate program and the degree will be offered by DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.

The program is aimed at nurturing students, with insights and the know-how to take the sector into the future. This is a multidisciplinary program of agriculture and data analytics. The course will introduce students to concepts of data analytics, viz. descriptive, predictive and prescriptive, in agriculture and will empower the students to eliminate speculative farming and usher in the age of predictive agriculture.

A unique feature of this program is introduction of value added courses to be offered by industries. The courses allow certification by the industries after successful completion of the tests. The courses offered in the program consists of two categories – domain and technology specific areas. The coverage of Domain specific courses includes Crop Yield Modeling by SATSURE Analytics, Enhanced Weather Forecasting by IBM India, Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro by ESRI India, AI in Agritechnology Business by AMNEX Info Technologies. The technology specific courses are Visualisation and Story Telling tools by Analytics Vidhya, Microwave Data Processing by SATSURE Analytics.

Semester-wise Program Structure

The M.Sc. Agriculture Analytics Program follows a full time four-semester pattern and the curriculum consists of three semesters of course work followed by a one-semester project/research work on a specified topic. During Summer semester, Value Added Courses (VAC) will be organized at DAIICT by the Industries. The VAC comes with certification after successful completion.

Semester 1 (Total Credits: 14)
Course Name Credits
Python Programming and Database with SQL 3-0-2-4
Analytics / Statistical methods 3-0-2-4
Earth Observations (EO) System 3-0-2-4
Preparatory Mathematics / Basics of Agricultural Science 2-0-0-2
Semester 2 (Total Credits: 16)
Course Name Credits
Programming for Geodata Processing 2-0-4-4
Big Data Analytics 2-0-4-4
Machine Learning 2-0-4-4
Spatial Modeling and Data Assimilation 2-0-4-4
Summer Semester

Value Added Courses – 8 Credits (tentative)

Semester 3 (Total Credits: 16)
Course Name Credits
Crop and Soil Analytics 3-0-2-4
Weather and water analytics 3-0-2-4
Agricultural Market Analytics 3-0-2-4
Risk Analysis and Modelling 3-0-2-4
Semester 4 (Total Credits: 16)

Projects / Industrial Internship

Admission Process

Details on the application process, admission criteria, fee structure and financial assistance can be found here

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