DA-IICT Scholarships to M.Sc (Data Science) Students

Merit & Merit-cum-Means Scholarships for M.Sc (DS) students
(With effect from the 2024-25 batch)


The M.Sc (DS) Merit & Merit-cum-Means Scholarships are awarded to reward meritorious students of the M.Sc (Data Science) program through the duration of the program. The scholarship will be awarded semester-wise beginning from the second semester after declaration of semester results. The Scholarships will be awarded based on SPI obtained in each semester. The number of Scholarships will be limited to 7 (seven only) for a batch. The regulations on the award of Scholarships are as follows:

Eligibility and details of Scholarships

No. of Scholarships Type of Scholarship Eligibility conditions* Scholarship Band (Excluding SAS Certification fee)
Two (2) Merit Scholarships Top 2 SPI 8/10 and above scorers Full semester tuition fee
Two (2) Merit-cum-Means Scholarships SPI score: 7/10 and above + annual family income between Rs. 6.00 lakh and Rs. 8.00 lakh. 50% of the semester tuition fee
Three (3) Merit-cum-Means Scholarships SPI score: 7/10 and above + annual family income below Rs. 6.00 lakh. 70% of the semester tuition fee

* For 4th semester only CPI will be considered.

Other conditions

  1. The student should have been registered for the semester subsequent to which the scholarship is awarded and should have paid the tuition and other fees in full by the given due date.
  2. The student should PASS in all courses including course(s) audited, should not have any backlog, and/or disciplinary case(s) being initiated or recorded against her/him.
  3. The Scholarship is awarded based on the performance of the student in a semester and the student has to meet the eligibility criteria in each semester to be eligible for the award of Scholarship.
  4. In case a student withdraws from the program before completion of studies or her/his admission is terminated by the Institute or she/he is imposed any punishment/penalty due to indiscipline, the Institute has the right to recover the total scholarship amount paid to her/him.
  5. The students applying for Merit-cum-Means should submit the Income Certificate from the designated statutory government authorities at the place of her/his residence and also the copies of the income tax returns of the parents. If the parents are not required to file returns as per IT Laws, a declaration from the parents to that effect should be submitted along with the application for Scholarship.
  6. The student should not be recipient of any other Scholarship.
  7. The selected student for award has to submit an undertaking stating that she/he will be bound by the regulations of the Scholarship Scheme.
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